about paxyma

It’s time for a fashion revolution.  Real change in how clothes are made, who they’re made for, and how they’re sold. Meet PAXYMA, a luxury unisex vegan brand that combines two disparate and gorgeous senses of style, all while turning sartorial conventions on their head.

paxyma portrait

Consider PAXYMA to be Indian minimalism, with a unisex twist. The designers behind this ingenious line, Steven Hoffman and Ramin Paksima, bring their very unique sensibilities to the table. Steven, an all-black wearing minimalist, is all about structure, construction, and craftsmanship. Ramin, who was born in Iran and lived in India for many years, brings flash, fit, and a strong knits background. With their combined years in the industry, the two have created a luxury brand that can appeal to literally everyone.

“When we started the collection, we both wanted to wear every piece,” Ramin explains. “And then we wanted to make it more versatile. Our collection is completely unisex. If you have a delft hand in fitting, it works. We’re not in the gowns game, it is a game of averages. I am the largest large of the collection. We wanted a collection that was appropriate in both New York and Delhi, and stunning in both.” He adds that watching Steven create a garment is like seeing an architect build a building.

“Steven has a very architectural approach, he’ll design it like a building and I have a spontaneous and effortless approach. It’s textural, with hard and soft juxtaposed.” It’s that juxtaposition that’s going to launch these two to stardom. 

PAXYMA is a true unisex brand, with every piece available for men and women. Don’t be daunted by that! The designers have studied fit and construction and know how to make the pieces work.

“I’ve always been influenced by the classic tailoring and construction of clothes,” Steven says. “As a result, I guess, I’ve been told my womenswear designing is kind of masculine. There are some really interesting things happening in menswear now and I think the crossover is inevitable.” And Ramin calls going unisex “surprisingly easy.” As was melding their different concepts of style. “We had awareness of the eastern perspective. Saris and shalwar kameez are unisex, it’s just the fit that’s difference.”

PAXYMA is also entirely vegan, focusing on luxurious fabrics that combine softness with high tech.

“We’re using Italian imported fabrics. We tend to go toward natural fabrics but also high tech ones,” Ramin says. But beyond the high-end fabrics, is where the clothes get made. “Our brand is made in New York. We are children of the New York fashion industry, and we are disappointed that it’s been cut down and destroyed. It’s been disappearing.” He and Steven are hoping to battle that by bringing more work to the local artisans.